my ‘goodbye 9 to 5’ to do list

I knew that if I didn’t write anything down I wouldn’t actually get anything done. I would instead waste away my time without actually doing anything that I wanted to do when I set out on this funny little journey! So these are some of the things that made me think, yes that’s how I would like to spend some of my days!


Spend more time reading – My reading list is huge. No matter how much I read I always seem to have an increasing ‘To Read’ pile. I think this might have something to do with living a 4 minute walk from Waterstones… I’m making my way through a lot of social-economics, theology, poetry and a bit of fiction on the side. Which makes for a very interesting plot mix up when I start reading 4 books at once!!

Find a part time job around people – I love people. If I could spend more time around people and be paid for it that can only be good. The ideal is a coffee shop job… which I now have! Result! Job done!

Do ‘The Artists Way‘ in some shape or form – A lot of people have recommended this to me over the past 9 months and whilst I don’t really think myself as a creative person I think it could open up some unexpected learning experiences! One part of it is writing 3 pages of stream of consciousness. I’ve given it a go in the past but only manage a couple of weeks. Let’s see if I can actually stick with it!

Spend more time outside – Hopefully this will involve swimming in the sea at least 3 times over the next month.

Meet and spend quality time with 3 people who’s lifestyle/work ethic intrigues me – Meet, learn, share and collect stories. Hopefully with a few beers. Perfect.

Breath deeply – Sounds silly but I don’t think I stop enough. I would like to stop and be still a little bit more.

Learn a new craft/find a creative output – I want to learn how to do something and see myself improve at it overtime, I get a lot of satisfaction out of this.

Drink more coffee – Because it’s delicious and coffee shops are a delightful (biased but true).


goodbye 9 to 5!

This summer has opened a new and mildly terrifying door for me. In July I had my last day of working at a fantastic NGO (a 9-5 administrative/events management desk job), and my first day of my time exploring the world of unpredictable freelancing and “being available” for things that catch my attention!

Rather than let this new world pass by me I want to evaluate, explore and share little nuggets that I’m learning along the way. I think it will involve a lot of slowing down, a lot of honest conversations, plenty of story sharing and hopefully stumbling on the unexpected in the everyday.

I suppose this is what this blog is about!