another year. another word.

On the stroke of midnight last Thursday I welcomed 2016 with the usual boozy drinks, a lot of food, excellent company and murder mystery mayhem.

I mention this because I think we outdid ourselves this year.

We were in space, you see. Not actual space (Tim Peake you lucky devil) but instead the space you expect to encounter in a low budget 1970’s Sci Fi Drama.

There was lots of tin foil, lots of DIY is-this-what-Darth-Vader-is-supposed-to-look-like costumes and two large UV strip lights.


As you can see, it’s the appropriate amount of silly if you wish to “start as you mean to go on”.

Ridiculous antics aren’t the only thing I’m intending to carry on this year.

Do you remember me talking about my word for the year? Instead of making a list of unrealistic new years resolutions that fall by the wayside by February, I choose one word that will frame my year. It’s a word that will help me focus my year: it’s not restricting, instead I can interpret it, explore it and it is ok if I change my mind and choose another word or decide to forgo the word entirely.

This works much better for me than any New Year’s Resolution ever has… apart from the NYR to stop buying trashy magazines. Strangely that one has lasted 5 years.

In 2014 my word was “Attentive”.

In 2015 my word was “Learn”.

Since the last two years have gone so well I’m going to continue this year defining tradition. This year I have decided that the word that I am going to focus my year on is…


I realised – when I got an email from WordPress to show my blog’s activity for 2015 – that I have completely neglected doing what I find so therapeutic. I haven’t taken some time out  to sit back and enjoy writing.

So this year, I’m going to change that.

This isn’t a “I promise to write a weekly blog post” kind of resolution… because, let’s be honest, that’s ultimately setting me up for a fall. Instead this is a “remember you love writing, do it more – no matter what it is you’re scrawling!” kind of nudge.

So, this year I hope to scrawl whatever takes my fancy… I hope that will include:

  • Letters to friends (send me your addresses please!)
  • Words to strangers
  • A diary of my antics
  • A dream journal
  • Ponderings on things I am #2015learning (yes #2015learn is here to stay)
  • Ideas, thoughts and reviews
  • Things that amuse me
  • Prayers and yearnings
  • Self reflections
  • Maybe even a little creative something something

If we’re all lucky then some of it might make it on to We shall see, eh!


Author: daisycarr

living the "not a 9 to 5" lifestyle by the seaside // charity freelancer, bournemouth explorer, people connecter @daisycarr

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